Tour & Recording Wrap up

 This past month was one of the most fulfilling in my entire life. Not only did we go on an incredible tour where we played to welcoming audiences across the U.S., but we also had three very successful days in the studio where we made some truly beautiful music. 

  Actually, this past year was memorable in so many ways, but the tour and the recording of our second album will forever be deeply entrenched in my soul. The reason why this tour meant so much to me is because it was the first that I booked myself. It was very gratifying to see a vision through to the end. 

  Although I've been fighting to gain back my strength since we got back last week, I feel that every second of this past month was worth the energy drain I feel right now. 

Some of the highlights of the tour were: 

- Performing with Grammy-award winning saxophonist Kebbi Williams in Atlanta, in front of two sold-out audiences. (The video stream from these performances are embedded onto our website 
- Spending a day working with record producer Delfeayo Marsalis, in his home in New Orleans 
- Performing at the Bop Shop, the best jazz vinyl store in America 
- Meeting incredible people along the way 

I could go on and on, but those were some great memories........ 

  Now that we're back in Montreal, we're not finished yet! We've got a show coming up at Upstairs Jazz Club on May 27th, with special guest Samuel Blais. From there we'll be mixing, mastering, and pressing our new record, and then will eventually be ready to share it with you. 

  We are currently still running our crowd-funding campaign for the album. We encourage you to pre-purchase a CD, or any PERK, to help us with the cost of releasing it. The album will cost almost $8,000 to release, and so we're hoping that if anybody plans to purchase a copy, that they'll do it early on. To purchase the new album, or another PERK, go to: 

Indiegogo Link

There are some pretty PERKS that you can buy. Signed CDs, band photos, bumper stickers, Private Lessons, Hand Written Scores of the music on the album, and more! 

That's all for now. As always, thanks for listening and keep swinging! 



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