The big news is here! 

B's Bees is happy to announce that on October 10th the group will travel to Asia to perform 4 concerts in 3 different countries. Their first two concerts will take place in China, both being international jazz festivals (Hong Kong International Jazz Festival and the Beishan International Jazz Festival in Zhuhai). 

The second two concerts are being curated by the Canadian Embassy of Hong Kong and will take place in Hanoi, Vietnam and in Vientiane, Laos. The performance in Hanoi will be to commemorate the 45 year bilateral relations between Canada and Vietnam. 

The group is extremely proud to be representing Canada in Asia and are very excited to be given the opportunity to travel to this part of the world. 

We are so excited about this that we have decided to give away the first track of our new album. The track, titled Kanata, is the first movement of Brandon's Kanata Suite. We hope you enjoy it! 

Stay tuned for news regarding the Asia performances! 


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