U.S. Tour and Fundraising Campaign


Just wanted to give you an update on what's happening with the group. 

With the U.S./Canada tour coming up very soon, things are moving quickly and we'll be on the road in the blink of an eye. 

#1 - 

According to https://www.timeanddate.com, we are 

2,073,600 seconds 
34,560 minutes 
576 hours 
24 days 
3 weeks and 3 days 
6.58% of 2017 

away from the tour. Whoa! It's coming up soon! 

You can check out our website for the confirmed dates: www.bs-bees.com 

#2 - 

We are happy to announce that we have been approved for a grant through FACTOR Canada! FACTOR stands for the Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings. It is one of the best grant programs in Canada and we are very happy that they have selected us for their Artist Development Program. 

The best part about this grant is that in regards to the finances for the tour and album recording it puts us closer to being on the plus side. The money will make from the tour covers the tour expenses, but it doesn't cover the album recording. This will be partially covered by the grant, partially covered from my own savings and (hopefully) partially covered by.......... 

#3 - 

An Indiegogo campaign!!! 

For our last album we raised over $4000 through crowd-funding and were able to cover the cost of recording and releasing the album. So we'll be doing the same for this one. We'll be asking for a bit more this time as the studio we've booked this time is quite pricey. But we'll be doing the album at this studio for a couple of reasons, one is that the engineer who will be doing our album has some great jazz recordings to his credit. The second reason is that Joe said that the piano there is "the best I've ever played". There wasn't much arguing after that point. 

This time however there will be a couple of twists, one of them will be that the campaign will commence just before the tour. This will allow our fans the ability to follow our tour through the Indiegogo campaign, as we'll be posting regular video updates (VLOGS for all of you that are hip with the millennial lingo) on the Indiegogo site. 

The start date for the campaign is yet to be confirmed, but it will definitely start 7-10 days before our tour launch party on April 13th. 

That's all for now, stay tuned for more updates in the very near future! 


   B. Good.

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