We're halfway there!

I'm happy to say that our Indiegogo campaign has been going very well. On day 12 we broke 50% (44% from the campaign campaign plus two private donations) amd we're still plowing our way to our goal. With 18 days left we are very confident that we will make it to $4000. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far. And if you haven't contributed but are planning to, then now's the time!

Next Monday we will be releasing the artwork for the album cover, which was done by the incredibly talented Deepti Suddul, and it looks absolutely stunning. Deepti is an up & coming professional photographer here in Montreal and she has really outdone herself with this one.

For anyone living in Montreal, we'll be playing at House of Jazz (Laval) on Tuesday Dec. 16th, and 30th. It would be great if you came out to say hello. If you bought a cd then we'll also have them there so you can pick up your copy.


Stay tuned!

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