Indiegogo Album Fundraising Campaign

Hi there,

   I wanted to give you some news on our Indiegogo campaign which starts this coming Monday! As of this Monday, our as-yet-untitled EP will be available for pre-order! The service will be open for 33 days, and will end on December 20th. We are excited about this album because we worked hard this year and want to show you what all the hard work has brought us, musically speaking.

  One of the coolest things about pre-ordering a cd is that there will be options to buy more than just the cd. You will be able to buy a band photo, a bumper sticker, even a private concert with a homecooked meal. The reason we do this fundraiser is to help us raise money to release the album. We have a $1500 grant from FACTOR, but the total expense to release the album is over $4000! So we need to raise more money. By pre-ordering during the campaign, you will be directly contributing to the total expenses incurred during the recording process. On the Indiegogo page we will have everything clearly laid out, so you don't think we just trying to make some extra cash. Recording is expensive! $4000 is quite a small budget for something like this. Albums frequently run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

   One last thing I'd like to say is that making a contribution early on in the campaign will help us to release the album sooner, which will get you the cd before Christmas! You can wrap it up and put it under the tree for a loved one ;-)

On Monday morning we will place a link on our homepage directing you to the Indiegogo campaign page.

Stay tuned!

B. Good.

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