October musings


   Have you been outside? The weather is fantastic! Not only is it hot & sunny, but it's NOT humid. A rare treat in this neck of the woods.

   This past Tuesday we made our debut at the new House of Jazz in Laval. If you're not from Montreal, Laval is due north. It's a beautiful room, with a huge stage and an amazing sound system. We played our butts off and we feel that we made quite an impression. The coolest part of the night was that the audience made quite an impression on us as well. Performing outside of the downtown core of Montreal is quite a different experience. People are very attentive, and appreciative. Jazz is not as accessible in Laval as it is downtown, so we were very well received. Not to say that we aren't well received downtown!

   We've got 3 gigs lined up for October. Two at the House of Jazz (MTL), on Oct. 9th & 21st; and our next Charlie Haden tribute concert at Café Resonance on Oct. 22nd. We are very excited about this concert. We will be playing new arrangements by various members of the group, and we'll also be welcoming the talented jazz bassist Fraser Hollins to join us for the evening. We are excited to have him join us for the evening. It's an evening not to be missed (unless you live out of Montreal. In that case, I understand if you can't make it.). If you want to hear a recording of the last concert, go to the music section of our website (http://www.bs-bees.com/music). Or check out our Soundcloud (www.soundcloud.com/brandonsbees).

   On November 1st we'll be heading into the studio to record our first album. There will 4 or 5 songs on the cd, and on amazing album cover by the great Deepti Suddul.
We'll be starting a pre-order fundraising drive in the next two weeks to help raise funds to put out the album. The more people who preorder, the better the quality will be. As part of the fundraiser there will even be some fun added perks for contributing more than just the cost of one album. How much would you pay for a private B's Bees concert at a location of your choosing? Even in your own home. Stay tuned!

How's the weather where you are? Is it the same or different? What's your favourite colour?

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